Abstract Submission (On-line Abstract Submission System)

General Information

Abstract Submission Date: Apr. 1, 2018 to Oct. 31, 2018.

1. All abstracts are strongly encouraged to be submitted through the Online Abstract Submission System.

2. The notification of abstract acceptance will be forwarded in Oct. 31st, 2018. The presenting author must register at the time of abstract submission.

Abstract Format

1. All abstracts are strongly encouraged to download the abstract format / case report format, and follow the format to compile the abstract before submit.

2. Please upload abstract with MS Word, 1 A4 page,250-300 words.

Poster Type


Abstract Topic

1. Airway reconstruction after thyroidectomy
2. Basic research
3. Endoscopic and Robotic Surgery
4. Functional recovery after thyroidectomy
5. Genetic Diagnosis of thyroid cancer
6. Intraoperative neuromonitoring (IONM)
7. Locally Advanced Thyroid Cancer
8. Management of benign thyroid tumors
9. Management of Neck
10. Management of surgical complications
11. No-surgical procedures for treating thyroid Cancer
12. Open thyroidectomy
13. Papillary microcarcinoma
14. Parathyroid
15. Pathology of thyroid
16. Postoperative management of Thyroid Cancer
17. Radioactive Iodine in thyroid cancer
18. Recurrent and metastatic thyroid Cancer
19. Thyroid imaging other than Sono
20. Translational Research
21. Treatment of hyperthyroidism and goiter
22. Ultrasound and associated procedures

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